Invented by one of America's most important and innovative forefather's, Ben Franklin designed the nation's first freestanding, open-faced fireplace.

The Pennsylvania Fireplace was an 8-plated cast iron fireplace that could be placed in a room where a built in fireplace was unavailable.

The Franklin style stove offers a cleaner, more efficient alternative to the traditional fireplace while still offering the timeless appeal and charm of a full view of the burning fire.

Later improvements to Franklin's original design included the addition of hinged or removable doors and decorated guards to prevent coal and ash from rolling on the floor.

The early freestanding fireplace introduced by Ben Franklin developed into an open-faced fireplace that was more efficient, with less escape smoke and featured the additions of removable doors and mica windows. The clean our door in front is constructed with a removable ash pan that makes the stove convenient to clean and functioning at its maximum efficiency. Most styles of stoves have the same convenient features. A decorative guard prevents ashes and embers from making a mess. The full view of the fire offered by the Franklin style stove has a timeless charm that is as cherished today as it was yesterday.

Manufactured by the Portland Stove Company in Portland, Maine this early Franklin is of classic design. Resting on three legs, the large fire area enables for an interrupted view of the fire. This cast iron ropes are joined in the corners by brass medallions and topped with brass knobs. A decorative back plate ensures that this Franklin looks tasteful at all times, whether in use or at rest.

With intricate design both inside and out, this large model Portland can hold fires small to large. Whether fall evenings or winter knights, cuddling in front of this open-faced fireplace will be a favorite past time. With it radiant circles on its inside walls and brass disks on the face, thick columns are carefully cast to enhance the view of the fire. From the Portland Company, this large Franklin will make many a winter evening pass in comfort and grace.

The elaborate detail of the Bowdoin is of a beauty rarely seen. Gifted craftsmen cast tiny flowers and filigree across the face and door. Nickel foot rail and nameplate are matched with nickel handle on a removable door that features tow removable mica windows.

A draft control can be adjusted for a precise burn from this beautiful fireplace. Cant you talk? an inquisitive child of his canine friend in this unique top piece.

A simple clean out door, primary and secondary draft controls are combines with a removable door to make the Sunny Hearth a highly convenient and efficient fireplace.

The features make it easy to establish and maintain an ideal temperature any time of year. The clean pin stripes and curves are accented with a nickel cross bar, nameplate, know and an upright unicorn that proudly stands atop the Sunny Hearth stove.