The classic design of its rounded body makes the cylinder stove one of America's most beloved stoves. Its cylindrical shape offers the ultimate in heat distribution while using a minimum amount of floor space.

These wood burning beauties are characterized with nickel trim, mica windows and detailed castings. Victorian scroll work highlights the skirt, wings and dome. A cook lid beneath the swing top dome and finial allows for heating perfumed water and humidifying the room.

The cylinder stove has always been one of America's favorite styles. The center piece in the main living areas, the heating stove was a significant purchase. The cylinder stove came in a great diversity of sizes and styles that easily accommodate the decadent to the simple home.

Hi! My name is Megan Elizabeth. I am here in the showroom with my father and my lovely sister, the Stove Princess of the land of Goshen.

What we are about to show you is the stove that heats our shop. This beautiful stove right here is called a Sterling Oak #D18. It's one of may favorite, favorite stoves and the reason that I say that is that it is an airtight combination of cast iron and Russian steel.

This stove is a stove that we load up at 6 o'clock at night and it will run until 7 o'clock the next morning when we decide to put wood back in it.

As you can see, it has a huge firebox. We just load this stove right up and it just never ever goes out. This represents the cylinder stoves you will find in our shop, great, efficient, heating stoves!


The Weir Stove Company was known worldwide for their exceptional heating stoves and kitchen ranges. Manufactured in Taunting Massachusetts, this Victorian Glenwood Oak #40 is s stellar example of the Weir Company's best work. The elaborate beauty of the body and trim blend beautifully and will look great in any living room or parlor. Mica windows accommodate a warm view of the fire. Highly developed controls are easy to use and ensure a comfortable burn. The Glenwood Oak remains today, as it was yesterday, one of America's most beloved heating stoves.

The Radiant Home earns its name which is proudly displayed on the door of this fine cylinder stove. Standing four and a half feet tall, the Radiant Home hosts primary and secondary draft controls and a swing top dome with a hinged cook lid underneath. Capable of heating as many as five rooms over night, the Radiant Home will be a welcome addition to any hearth.

The Grand Jewel cylinder stove is a great display of Victorian style in cast iron. Curlicues and scrolling filigree are embossed on the legs, body and nickel trim of the stove. A large front loading doors offers a view of the fire. A nickel name plate proudly displays turn of the century manufacturing information. Nickel wings help achieve an even heat distribution and an airtight design accomplished a fuel efficient burn. The Grand Jewel is a true treasure of a stove.

Breaking away from the heavy scrollwork of the previous era. the Modern Glenwood cylinder stove # 14 exemplifies a shift towards simplicity, clarity and smooth lines with clear definition. Incorporating the most advanced combustion technologies with the sleek design of its new modern body, the Glenwood Company found the same enormous success with its new brand of cylinder stoves as it did with its classic Victorian model. A smaller cylinder stove, this Modern Glenwood Oak #14 is one of the finest stoves ever manufactured.

A smooth nickel name plate tells the rich history of this wood burning beauty. This Oakland was manufactured by the Wherle Company in Newark Ohio, another major manufacturing center of the antique stove industry. The Wherle Company would eventually come to provide for the heating stove and kitchen range needs of the Sears & Roebucks' Company. Assembled with a superior craftsmanship. this stove, like all of our stoves, are part of America's great past having with stood a century of use in homes all over the nation.