The gas and wood combination range circa 1910 was first introduced as a wood range with a side car, a separate gas unit that attached to the stove. Combination stoves eliminated the need for a summer kitchen and gave the cook a choice of fuels.

By 1915 these stoves had been further developed and improved. Models appeared with gas oven and broiler units above the range top. This was a practical arrangement and took up no more room than a wood only range.

Further technological advances lead to the eventual additions of thermostatically controlled ovens, glass oven doors, and various other so-called modern conveniences.

The combination range represents the best of both worlds allowing the user to cook on a diversity of fuel sources. Ovens, broilers and burners on any of our ranges can be converted to electric to provide modern cooking conveniences while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of these antique stoves.

This beige range has a black frost this is matched with black handles and gas knobs. The Premier Dual is prime when cooking for many mouths. Four wood burners and four gas burners can hold many pots and pans while the large oven has adjustable shelves. A white back splash with a shelf helps keep mess to a minimum and is easy to clean with a wet cloth.

This small stove is unique treasure from top to bottom. The Stratford Universal has delicate teal green enamel marbleized with an off white that is also found on the doors and back splash. Two wood burners are located to the left of two gas burners with a rare cover feature. A hinged cover piece can be lowered to provide additional counter space as needed or raised during cooking as a back splash. A compact unit, the Stratford Universal is a terrific choice for a small or crowded kitchen with limited surface space.


The New Astor is a gas and wood range with six burners, four gas and two wood. Porcelain handles adjust gas controls and nickel handles open the oven below and the combination oven and broiler up above. Two tone-gray and white enamel wear he stove's name and manufacturer's emblem. A nickel kick can be used to open the oven door when hands are full. The New Astor is a perfect portrait of cooking convenience and clean castings.


This Stewart range is of a classic gas style. Delicate cream enamel is highlighted with a cream colored door and back splash. The Stewart's triangle insignia on the door symbolizes excellence within the stove manufacturing industry. Ease of use is maximized with a pull down oven door, two wood burners, four gas burners, thermostat controls , white porcelain knobs and a back splash with tea shelf.