The parlor stove was the canvas on which great iron artists of the nineteenth century cast their many masterpieces. The large rectangular heaters take center stage in any living room, dining room or parlor by virtue of both their high quality iron and beautiful designs.

Ornate scenes cast on the sides and face of the stove depicts angelic cherubs, mythological figures, elaborate floral designs and animal motifs. The detail, beauty and clarity of design are matched only by the conveniences of an airtight, overnight burn; large firebox; and easy side and top loading doors.

Parlor stoves of the "modern series" represent a split from the decadence of the Victorian era, instead enjoying the subtle, clean and defined designs of the turn of the century trend while still ensuring the most efficient burn available.

This stove here is the Royal Jewel. This stove heats my home of approximately 1800 square feet. This stove here is truly a piece of artistry in iron. It starts off with a nickel base. It moves up to a beautiful nickel foot rail with the name Royal Jewel in it. It has mica windows in the front and goes up to a nickel name plate with a medallion in it, a swing off dome on the top with a finial with another medallion in it.

This is a cast iron dome that is all cut out to allow the hot air to escape and not be held underneath. When it swings it has a removable cook lid so that you can put a pot on top of it or use it for hot water and humidity. If you want to load, you can also load it from the very easily because the whole top is removable.

This is a stove that will comfortably burn for 8-10 hours and heat approximately 1800 square feet and burn through the night.

The Sterling Cottage achieves a higher standard of artistry in iron. Intricate castings spread across three sides while manufacturing information is imprinted on the back of the stove. A heavy nickel veil cloaks the face of this parlor stove which accented with a dusty rose inlay that depicts the delicate of a young girl. Mica windows allow for a beautiful view of the fire. Exceptional filigree and scroll works establishes the Sterling Cottage as an excellent piece of Victorian art work constructed with great attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

The Glenwood parlor stove received an unprecedented degree of success upon its release in the late nineteenth century, a popularity that continues today. Three cherubic children ay with their golden retriever in fields among grape arbors and flowers. This scene embossed on a removable front door is cast with perfect definition and clarity. Two cook lids are hidden beneath a swing top dome. This airtight parlor stove can easily be loaded from the side or from the top heating as many as four rooms through the night.

The Emerald is an oval-shaped parlor stove that hosts a series of nickel plates Delicate floral bouquet are tied with a ribbon. A sliding draft control in front easily adjusts the rate of burn and a pot of water can be placed on the cook lid to humidify dry air. The marriage of efficiency and subtle beauty will make the Emerald a gem in any home.

As Glenwood's turn of the century "modern style" cylinder stove was met with instant success, so was the "modern style" parlor stove so received. This large rectangular heater has a tremendous heat output with a large side and top loading door. The front door embossed wit the Glenwood name is hinged with permanent pins so that the door can be easily removed to reveal a view of the fire. The Modern Glenwood parlor stove is efficient, convenient and stylistically accommodating to houses of all decors.

The Quaker name is one of the most renowned in the stove industry synonymous with superior craftsmanship and high quality design. The Quaker Social Parlor stove is cast with the simple clean lines of the modern era. Ornamental nickel forms a frame around the mica windows to offer a great view of the fire. A fitting nickel top piece represents a Quaker woman enjoying a spring walk with her young friend.