Good Time Stove Co.  does not sell parts for antique stoves or conversion kits for personal installation.

Retrofitting an antique stove or an old stove with modern gas, propane or electric is difficult. All of our conversions are custom-built to the stove so that we can ensure the best possible function while minimizing any affect on the appearance of the stove. Do NOT attempt to convert, retrofit or update your old stove to gas or electric yourself.

Below is a list of resources we hope are helpful in continuing your research.

Antique Stove Information Clearinghouse
Clifford Boram
1-574-583-6465 (Indiana)
Allow the phone to ring up to 10 times
No email. No Web Site.
This is a great resource. Not only is he a delight to talk to, but he is also an enormous wealth of stove knowledge. He offers parts search advice and restoration consultation free by phone. Clifford Boram currently serves as an advisor for several antique price guides. Cliff authored an article entitled What is my stove worth? for which he charges $2.00.

Antique Stove Exchange
The Antique Stove Exchange has been America's antique stove publication since 1992. It's the network resource for stove dealers, restorers, collectors and user enthusiasts. The quarterly newsletter is published each January, April, July and October reaching stove enthusiasts coast to coast. Each issue is an excellent resource to anyone interested in collecting, repairing, or restoring antiques stoves.

Antique Stove Association
The Antique Stove Association is US and Canada's network of antique stove collectors and dealers. The purpose of the Antique Stove Association is to provide information about all aspects of Antique Stoves and related items including: there uses, history, manufacturer, repair and value; and to promote fellowship among interested persons of the same.

Woodman's Part Plus
1-800-522-8216 (New Hampshire)
(517) 278-2214 (Michigan)
1-909-445-0300 (California)

Old Appliance Club c/o JES Enterprises
1-805-643-3532 (California)

Lawrence & Co., Inc.