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Good Time Stove Co. restores antique stoves. We also convert stoves and ranges to propane, gas, electric or a combination of fuel sources. Additionally, we offer gas testing and can update gas services for those vintage gas stoves manufactured between 1900-1940.

Since 1973 Good Time Stove Co. has been providing professional and accurate restoration assessments for antique stoves and ranges manufactured between 1840-1930. We have been in business for 40 years and together we have more than 60 years of combined experience.

We provide TLC and rehabilitation to these time travelers to return to full service, efficient operation and original beauty. Every restoration is performed with attention to preserving antique authenticity, efficient function, ease of operation and aesthetics.

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Typical restoration includes the following...
  • Catalog missing parts, broken grates, and damaged nickeling of your antique stove
  • Dismantle stove
  • Weld breaks, cracks, damaged areas and broken parts.
  • Fabricate missing or broken parts.
  • Sandblast and clean surfaces.
  • Reassemble the stove.
  • Paint stove with a temperature resistant paint.
  • Seal stove for an airtight burn.
  • Replace hinges and pins.
  • Reset doors for close tight fit.
  • Check latches for a tight close.
  • Replace grates.
  • Line with firebrick.
  • Replace mica.
  • Redo nickeling as needed, buff nickeling.
  • Add new ash pan and lid lifter.
  • Enamel stoves receive a thorough cleaning and touch up of porcelain.