Where the Celebrated Glenwood Gas Ranges are Made

Glenwood Gas Ranges are the product of New England's largest and bst known stove foundry. They are designed by makers of life-long experience. They weigh more, are put together better and burn less gas.

The castings are wonderfully smooth and easy to keep clean.

The linings of the oven are made of white aluminized metal sheets, which are rust-resisting and have excellent wearing properties.

Owing to their sturdy construction and fine workmanship, they will stand the intense heat and last much longer than the ordinary kind.

They are handsome, convenient and mechanically right - no modern features lacking.

The manufacturers of the Glenwood say, "Our responsibility does not end with the sale of the range; it continues tuntil it gives the service that it was intended to give."



Descriptions and Fetaures

The heat of the oven is uniform and even.

The linings of the oven are finished in a speckleware finish which is easy to keep clean.

The top castings and sheet iron bodies of all Glenwood gas ranges are neatly finished in black Japan, which is baked on, thereby adding to their fine appearance. No blackening necessary; just wipe over with a smooth cloth.

All burner cocks are the best type made and are in the long barrel lever fashion.

The cooking top is equipped with 5 burners, one giant, three single and one simmering burner all of which are improved star shaped type cast in one piece. They all lift from place and can not be put back wrong.

The Top, End Shelf, Burners, Front, Door Frame and Legs are of the highest quality cast iron and like all Glewood castings, are smooth and easy to clean.

The chamber under the top burners is smooth and sanitary and has a neat sliding tray in the bottom.

White handles for the burner cocks are more attractive than the old style dark handle.


Diagram of a Gas Glenwood Gas Stove

1. Top frame
2. Name plate
3. Gas cock handle
4. Gas cock
5. Burner tray
6. Front frame
7. Oven racks
8. Oven left side lining
9. Oven back lining
10. Oven bottom
11. Oven door left hing box
12. Broiler left side lining
13. Broiler bottom
14. Broiler door lining
15. Base
16. Broiler door frame


17. Flue collar
18. Top grates
19. End shelf
20. Air shutter
21. Manifold support clamp
22. Manifold support
23. Front manifold
24. Door catch
25. Oven right side lining
26. Manifold riser
27. Oven manifold
28. Oven door lining
29. Oven door right hinge box
30. Broiler pan
31. Broiler pan rack
32. Broiler right side lining

Name for Stove Parts

  • Burner Tray: supplanting dirty tray, dust pan, scavenger pan, drip pan, etc.
  • Broiler Pan: the pan in the broiler
  • High Shelf: the complete high shelf as ordinarily used on a Cabinet Glenwood range.
  • Canopy Shelf: the canopy and shelf that is attached to the range, and supplanting such names as hood, snall canopy, etc.
  • End Shelf: the shelf at the end of the top frame
  • Leg Shelf: the shelf located between the legs of the cabinet Range supplanting "Low Shelf" and "Leg Pan"
  • Enamel Splasher: The word "splasher" is not to be used except in the case of the enamel splasher only. Some manufacturers have what we term the "High Shelf" and a "Black Splasher"

Name for Sheet Iron Parts

  • Oven Bottom
  • Oven Right Side Lining
  • Oven Left Side Lining
  • Oven Back Lining
  • Oven Top Lining
  • Broiler Right Side Lining
  • Broiler Left Side Lining
  • Broiler Back Lining
  • Broiler Bottom
  • Extreme Bottom
  • Range Body: Oven, Door Panel, Broiler Door Panel, Oven Door Lining, Broiler Door Lining, Burner Box
  • Burner Box Lining
  • Top Back Strip: the small sheet iron back strip at the top and back of high shelf or oven on Cabinet Range sometimes known as mantle back.

Standard Abbreviations

  • G = Glass Door
  • W = Roll Top Bun Warming Closet
  • C = Canopy Shelf
  • N = Natural Gas
  • R = Right Hand Oven (facing the range)
  • L = Left Hand Oven (facing the range)
  • E = Enamel Splasher

Name of Cast Iron Parts

  • Top Grate: supplanting "Top Grid", "Burner Grid", etc.
  • Top Burners: Giant, Regular Front, Back R or L, simmering
  • Top Burner Support: Different manufacturers use different styles of support but we favor all in cases calling it the "Top Burner Support"
  • Top Burner Support Holder
  • Oven Burner Support
  • Oven Burner
  • Oven Lighter: supplanting "Pilot Light", "Open Door Oven Burner Lighter", etc.
  • Front Frame: the main frame of the gas range. In cases where this front frame is in top pieces it shall be designated as "Upper Front Frame", and "Lower Front Frame"
  • Top Frame: the main frame of the cooking top
  • Base: the cast iron base o fthe range. The name "Base" will apply whether bard iron, angle iron, or sheet steel base is used
  • Leg: supplanting "Foot", etc.
  • Oven Door Frame: frame of the oven door itself
  • Broiler Door Frame: frame of the broiler door itself
  • Flue Collar: supplanting "Pipe Collar", etc.
  • Hing Box: Right or Left - oven or broiler. Supplanting "Hinge Cap", "Journal Box", etc.
  • Door Springs: Right or Left - oven or broiler
  • Name Plate
  • Door Catch
  • Top Frame Support: Some people have called this part "Right or Left Stands" and some have called it "Burner Box Corners"
  • Oven Broiler Body Plate: the plate on the outside of the body of the range through which the oven burners project. This has sometimes been known as "Manifold Plate", "Mixer Plate", "Dial Plate", etc.
  • Manifold
    • Front - gas supply pipe for cooking top burners
    • Oven - gas supply pipe for cooking oven burners
    • Front - gas supply upright pipe
  • Manifold Support: Front, Oven
  • Manifold Support Clamp: Front, Oven
  • Cocks: Fixed Orifice, Adjustable
  • Air Shutter: supplanting Mixer Cap.
  • Oven Rack
  • Broiler Rack
  • Broiler Pan Rack