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We love old stoves. Since 1973 Good Time Stove Company has specialized in restoring antique stoves, vintage stoves and old stoves. We do not sell any reproductions. We sell wood stoves, coal stoves, gas stoves and combination stoves that use gas and wood. We can convert any antique stove to use gas or electric too. All of our heaters and cook stoves are restored for efficiency, reliability and historic authenticity.

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 Sara the Stove Princess

All Wood and Coal Vintage Cook Stoves
Eligible for Gas and Electric Conversion

Conversions to Electric and Gas

If you like to cook then you will love cooking on one of our antique cooking ranges converted to gas, electric, or any combination of both. Every individual stove we produce is a custom conversion, offering any feature you could ask for from a premium modern cook stove while maintaining the astounding and unique beauty of a historic American icon. Our converted ranges will satisfy the demands of the most discriminating cook while giving enduring expression to the traditions of hearth and home.

All Antique Wood and Coal Heating Stoves
Eligible for Gas and Electric Conversion

The antique stove is a treasured piece of functional art that combines everlasting elegance and heating efficiency. Our vintage stoves use wood and coal. Stoves can also be adapted to use propane, gas and electric too. Antique Kitchen cook stoves and kitchen ranges of all vintages are original antiques that have been fully restored for full operation and efficiency. Conversion to gas and electric are available on all models.

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Richard M. Richardson


Conversions to Electric and Gas Avaialable on All Models

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Modern gas conversion

Gas burners

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Stainless steel or speckleware oven

Modern Oven

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Modern electric Burners Available in a variety of sizes
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 Gas or electric oven  Propane burners


Conversions to Electric and Gas Avaialable on All Models

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Antique charm

Gas logs or lava rocks


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View the fire from all sides

 Discretely located controls


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    Open doors as desired