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Glenwood Base Heater – A powerful heater for wood or coal

The Glenwood Base Heater upright parlor stove was manufactured in 1905 by the Weir Stove Company in Taunton Massachusetts. I love this stove; it is constructed to provide users with the highest performance in efficiency and a timeless aesthetic design.


The Glenwood Base Heater is an indirect draft, revertable flue parlor stove, made in two sizes for burning wood or coal. This stove was manufactured in two sizes, a number six and a number eight, each with a sixteen inch pot and an eighteen inch pot respectively.


The Glenwood Base Heater stove will maintain a coal fire for twelve to sixteen hours, while a wood fire will burn for eight to ten hours and maintain coals for an additional ten to twelve hours. The ash pit and lower draft door are fitted so absolutely tight that a wood fire may be kept over night with the greatest ease. The draft registers in the lower draft door are simply perfect in regulating a wood or coal fire, and are sure to please.


The artistic design of the smooth castings is most pleasing and admired by all. Contoured, crisp lines compliment a country décor. They also make it easy to maintain and easy to clean. The beauty of this stove the Glenwood base burner number eight base will not only own warm your home but also bring beauty and efficiency to your home.


Now a rare stove, this Glenwood cylinder-style stove is especially valued for its recycling chamber. The stove recycles burnt gases through an exterior, indirect flow down and circulated across the base, it is pumped up the base and out the back. This allows it to more efficiently burn coal or wood. No fuel is wasted as the heat must all pass down the back flue to the base and then entirely across the bottom returning up the rear flue to smoke pipe. By this splendid construction, every part of the stove radiates heat and the fuel consumption is moderate.


The entire front is one casting, making it much more substantial. The main body is over the very best polished steel, which is noted for its splendid, radiating qualities.


The stove loads easily from the front or the top. The front loading area is tightly covered with a pair of doors, one large and one small. The large bottom door allows you a larger opening when loading burning wood. Both doors can be opened jointly for large or awkward pieces of wood. The smaller top door serves another purpose too. When loading the stove, it holds the smoke inside of the stove preventing it from escaping into the air.


The Glenwood Base Heater wood/coal heating stove has a timeless character. Beautiful lines in the body and castings of the stove are complimented with lusterous nickel trim. Shiny trim is found on the handles, the side foot rails, the apron that encircles the fire pot, the collar circling the top of the body and finally the decorative dome and finial that cap off this impressive stove. All nickel parts can be easily detached when it is necessary to clean or polish the stove.


Aprons provide a handsome appearance to the stove, but are also designed to function too. They have been carefully engineered to force heated down to the floor and away from the stove. This results in a more even distribution of heat to the floor and other parts of the room.


The conveniences and comforts of this stove are too great to be overlooked.

  • A nickel foot warmer on each side of the stove perfectly fits and cradles the foot. It is firm and comfortable to rest against.
  • A large back flue has a flat top with a removable cover. This allows the user to set a kettle for quick heating.
  • Grates are easy to shake and clean the fire to perfection.
  • An iron pot will provides ample space for wood or coal. This heater can be had with either a brick lined fire pot or a heavy cast iron pot, unlined. Brick lining is only recommended when coal is the exclusive fuel in use.
  • The damper in the back flue controls the fire perfectly and will not warp or stick.
  • The ash pan is good size and has a firm, well-balanced handle.


My name is Richard Richardson I'm owner the Good time stove company with my daughter Sara the stove Princess for the past 40 years. Please feel free to call my beautiful daughter Sara the Stove Princess for any questions you might have about this fine wood-burning stove, 413-268-3677.


Glenwood ranges and heaters designed and made by the Weir Stove Co. in Taunton, MA

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