A Few Things you Should Know About Potbelly Stoves.

  • Antique potbelly stoves are made entirely from solid cast iron.
  • Their shape of a potbelly stove resembles the midriff of an aging fellow, gaining the stove, which was once referred to as a Cannon Stove, the affectionate name, potbelly.
  • Potbelly stoves are tremendous heaters. These vintage stoves burn both wood or coal and can be converted to gas.
  • Potbelly stoves come in three sizes:LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL with burn times ranging from 6 to 8 hours for the small, up to 8 to 14 hours in a large potbelly stove.
  • Many potbelly stoves feature cooktops for simmering coffee, scrambling eggs, or making chili.
  • The ring around the middle of a potbelly stove was designed to prevent folks from bumping into the bulge of the stove and burning themselves.
  • Other features found on potbelly stoves include: swing feed doors, large ash pits, cast iron foot rails, and draft controls.
classic potbelly stove