stove for sale 35

Useful Information

Circa: 1880 - 1920
Fuel: Wood and Coal
Burn Time: 6 - 12 Hours
Price Range: $3850 - $4850.00
Gas & Electric Conversions Available On All Models

The classic design of its rounded body makes the cylinder stove one of America's most beloved stoves. Its cylindrical shape offers the ultimate in heat distribution while using a minimum amount of floor space. These wood burning beauties are characterized with nickel trim, mica windows and detailed castings. Victorian scroll work highlights the skirt, wings and dome. A cook lid beneath the swing top dome and finial allows for heating perfumed water and humidifying the room.

The cylinder stove has always been one of America's favorite styles. The center piece in the main living areas, the heating stove was a significant purchase. The cylinder stove came in a great diversity of sizes and styles that easily accommodate the decadent to the simple home.