L.L. Bean, William and Sonoma, Sharper Image, Victoria's Secret. The catalogs of our day.
One hundred years ago, stove catalogs were the catalog of the day. Folks needed a stove to heat their homes and businesses.

All of the stove manufacturers, including Glenwood, Stewart and Garland, peddled their heating wares with informative catalogs.


The pages usually included an image of the stove and descriptions on why the particular was such a catch.


Hickory Glenwood catalog page
P.D. Beckwith's Round Oak Stove Company published stove catalogs that featured Indian lore stories.

The stories centered around the life of a young Indian brave named Doe Wah Jack. (not so coincidently that is the pronunciation of the Michigan town where the Round Oak Stove Company was located - Dowagiac.)


According to Indian lore, Doe Wah Jack was named by chief Pokagon. Doe Wah Jack had gone out fishing, having learned the skill by the old chief.


When Doe Wah Jack returned to his village with enough fish to feed the hungry tribe, chief Pokagon called out to the young brave that he would now be called, Doe Wah Jack - "he who catches many fishes."


P.D. Beckwith honored the Indian heritage of the Dowagiac Michigan area by using Doe Wah Jack and local Indian lore and images as primary elements of the stove company's marketing campaign.