Pick the stove you like. We will customize it to meet your needs.

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Traditional Nickel Trim
Cooper Accents Available

Four to Six Gas or Propane Burners
Griddle Option Available

Modern Oven with Speckleware Finish
Interior Light and Broiler Available


Customized Conversion to meet the most demanding cooking needs.


We are here to help you get just the stove you want! 

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Conversions toElectric, Gas and Propane Available on All Stoves

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Converted stoves are fully insulated for zero-clearance and vent-free installation

Four to Six Electric Burners in Flat or Coil

Modern Oven with Stainless Steel Finish


Conversions to Electric and Gas Avaialable on All Models

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Modern gas conversion

Gas burners

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Stainless steel or speckleware oven

Modern Oven

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Modern electric Burners Available in a variety of sizes
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 Gas or electric oven  Propane burners




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