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Glenwood E Antique Cook Stove with converison - WKR122612-CONV: blk


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Overall Dimensions: 50"W x 31"D
Footprint: 40"W X 30" D
Height To Cook Top: 32"H
Overall Height: 48.5"H
Oven: 18"W x 20"D x 12"H

The E for this Glenwood could stand for easy and efficient when it comes to cooking, and enchanting when it comes to charm. The solid cast iron range featuring, six cooklids and a large oven, has been converted. Two swinging trivets, made of lovely cut-out nickeling, are perfect resting spots to warm cups of tea. The vintage range features nickel trim along the top shelf, stovetop and two hearths. Delicate touches of relief work can be found on the base, front and backsplash. Enjoy time in the kitchen with the Modern Glenwood E.


Six holes

Sizes: 7-18, 8-18, 8-20, 9-20


Foor wood or coal.

Large, roomy oven, perfect working grates, door handles, patent oven door opener, graded ring cover, drop broiler door, oscillating oven shelf, ash pan large and easily removed.

The Glenwood Oven Heat Indicator tells you when the oven heat is right and shows you without opening the oven door when the heat is changing. The Glenwood patent oven indicator tells the degree of heat for all the different kinds of baking, and the indicator point registers the degree of the heat already in the oven. It is plain and simple to use. Two nickel towel rods make ample provision for drying dish towels.

The magic grate used in this stove is worthy of especial mention. In shape it is similar to other flat grates; in contrsuction entirely different, each bar being cast of separate and locked into place to complete the grate. If one of the bars should be burned out it can be renewed without throiwing out the whole grate, which must be done with others cast in one piece. The lever arrangement makes it easy to shake and very effective in cleaning out an old fire.


The nickel trimmings are each held firmly in place by patent spring catch which one finger will unsnap when they are to be taken off.


The broiler door is dropped down out of the way when broiling.


The shelf under the oven door, which rises to a level with the oven bottom when the door is open, is agreat convenience in basting meats and turning pies.


The nickel door handles on top of the doors are appreciated by all who use the stove.


The baking damper has a short rod which does not warp or stick and can be removed with ease.


The reservoir which may be attached to end ensures plenty of hot water for kitchen uses.


The warming closet above circulates warm air and keeps it at an even temperature without drying out foods.It alls look great and protects the kitchen wall. The Warming Closet above is a great improvement over the low closet, as the circulating warm air keeps it an even temperature without drying the food. It also looks well and protects the kitchen wall.


The mantle shelf provides extra room while cooking and adds largely to the fine appearance of the range.


It has an Extra Long Firebox for convenience in burning wood, and a new improvement under the fire door which prevents ashes from sifting out or dropping on the floor when the door is open.


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