A guide to selecting the right kitchen cook stove for your home...

If you are becoming interested in an antique kitchen cook stove for the first time, you will be surprised at a number of things-the variety of styles and finishes-the refinement and simplicity of design-the improvements in the grate and especially the many combinations for coal, wood and gas.


A somewhat recent innovation is the porcelain enamel finish, that is always polished, requires no blacking, only wiping with a damp cloth-attractive in itself even as a piece of furniture. No other article in the home means so much to the entire family as the kitchen range. Health and comfort are dependent upon it. A good homeowner takes pride in the contentment of the family over the good things for the table that they provides-the extra heat in cold weather-the abundance of hot water on tap all the time and many other things for which the antique wood kitchen cook stove is equipped.


The variety of ranges is so great that a study of one’s special needs should precede the final selection of a stove.

Ask yourself several questions.

  • Should it be a large range or will a small range take care of the family?
  • Will it be a coal range or shall I use wood for fuel?
  • Do I want a hot water coil or a reservoir attached to the stove?
  • Is the reservoir easily removable for cleaning?
  • Should there be a gas attachment on the side or a gas oven over the range?
  • Will the range set up on legs or would I prefer the cabinet style, closed in at the bottom to contain the ash pan and a warming oven?
  • Do I need a warming oven over the range or an elevated gas oven, or possibly a box high shelf?
  • Could I have a range equipped with glass oven door for examining the contents without opening the door?
  • Has this kind of range a good reputation for everything it will be called upon to do?
  • Are its operating parts and attachments all handled with the utmost convenience?
  • Is this range known for its economy of fuel consumption?


Having settled on the style desired, protect yourself by purchasing a range made by a manufacturer of many years standing, whose reputation for quality and reliability are well known, and whose guarantee will be honored.


The kitchen range usually does its work so well that its virtues are taken for granted. When it breaks down from old age, or when the expected new range is delayed in delivery, the whole family realizes what an advance has been made since the days of kettles hung in fireplaces and cuts of meats slowly roasted on wooden "spits."


Fifty years ago a resident of Portland, Maine, had a notion that the clumsy and inconvenient cooking apparatus of the period could be very much improved. He made it a life study. Useless weight removed in one place, strength added in another, improved draft control, quicker oven response, warming ovens, easier operation of grates, facilities for utilizing idle heat to supply abundant hot water at no extra cost, combination esigns for coal, wood and gas, improvements in symmetry and simplicity of design to make less work-a hundred and one improving features that have banished forever the old-time drudgery of working in the kitchen.

It requires a great many sizes and styles to meet all the various requirements in ranges for coal, wood and gas, but whenever you select a range of any style with the thet has been restored by the Good Time Stove Co., you are sure of securing the guaranteed product.


A antique wood kitchen cook range makes cooking a pleasure. So simple in outline and surface ornamentation that it is very easy to keep clean- so skillfully proportioned that it does not encumber a very small kitchen-so responsive, easily controlled and economical of fuel! Whether finished in satin black, or the new and popular gray porcelain enamel, these ranges are exceptionally good to look at. And at least six hundred styles, finishes and combinations for coal, wood and gas! Whatever style you select, after considering everything that you want your range to do, you can be sure of having chosen wisely, and that the restorers of you antique stove will protect you in your purchase.