Antique Base Burner Stoves - Exquisite Beauty & Heating Efficiency

The orange glow of the Base burner is beauty unmatched. A warm aura illuminates the room as a fire can be seen dancing through the mica windows and doors on three sides of the stove. An enchanting view of the fire is available at all angles. The ornate nickel shroud and wings serve to reflect the radiant fire giving the room an orange glow in addition to giving the stoves an unequaled elegance whether burning wood, coal, at rest or converted. These large stoves have a sophisticated circulation system that places them at the forefront of engineering innovations.  Base Burner Stoves come ins all sizes, from small to quite large. Some of them even have what they call piggy back ovens built into the rear of the stove so that you can heat food in them.Highly efficient heaters, some Base burners feature not only the convenience of cook lids but also an additional rear oven. Of impressive design, these stoves command respect in any setting. Base burners, by far, are the most beautiful and elaborate cast iron stoves ever manufactured. They came in all sizes and all shapes to heat almost any kind of area imaginable. to gas.

Burn Time: 6 - 12 Hours Fuel: Wood and Coal Price Range: $6850 - $10,500.00

Gas & Electric Conversions Available

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