Baseburner Stoves.  Cylinder Stoves.  Pot Belly Stoves. Gas or electric conversion available.

The orange glow of the Base burner stove is beauty unmatched. A warm aura illuminates the room as a fire can be seen dancing through the mica windows and doors on three sides of the stove. An enchanting view of the fire is available at all angles. The classic design of its rounded body makes the Cylinder stove one of America's most beloved stoves. Its cylindrical shape offers the ultimate in heat distribution while using a minimum amount of floor space. The Pot belly stove is an American classic. Used to heat trains, depots and cars, Caboose stoves and Railroad stoves are fondly remembered. Potbelly heaters found a second home in public buildings and gathering places establishing these barrel stoves as the center piece of social activity in schools, in churches, town halls, meeting houses and the local general store.

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Base Burner Stoves

Cylinder Stoves

Potbelly Stoves

Heating stoves available in many styles.

Franklin Stoves. Fireplaces. Parlor Stoves.  Box Stoves. Gas or electric conversion available.

The Franklin style stove offers a cleaner, more efficient alternative to the Traditional fireplace while still offering the timeless appeal and charm of a full view of the burning fire. Designs included hinged or removable doors and decorated guard. The Parlor stove was the canvas on which great iron artists of the nineteenth century cast their many masterpieces. The large rectangular heaters take center stage in any living room, dining room or parlor by virtue of both their high quality iron and beautiful designs. Box stoves are small stoves valued for their compact design and efficient burn. They come in three sizes with varying degrees of decoration. Early Box stoves feature a Federal motif depicting stripes, stripes and other patriotic images.

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Franklin Stoves

Parlor Stoves

Box Stoves

Heating stoves available in many sizes.

Custom conversions to modern gas, propane and electric will satisfy your unique needs.

If you like to cook then you will love cooking on one of our antique cooking ranges converted to gas, electric, or any combination of both. Every individual stove we produce is a custom conversion, offering any feature you could ask for from a premium modern cook stove while maintaining the astounding and unique beauty of a historic American icon. Our converted ranges will satisfy the demands of the most discriminating cook while giving enduring expression to the traditions of hearth and home. Converting an antique cooking range to gas, electric, or a combination of both offers an easy and efficient source for cooking while maintaining the charm of an American icon and the enchantment of a historic treasure.

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