Antique Stoves for Cooking and Baking: Kitchen Cook Stoves for coal and wood

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Small cooking stoves were used as early as the 1840s and the now classic full-sized range was developed by the 1880s. Most of these classic ranges share a basic and efficient design including an easily adjustable burn time, simple clean out and clean up and an even baking oven. At the turn of the century these stoves were being produced by the thousands in hundreds of foundries across the country.

The American stove industry gained worldwide recognition and respect for the beauty, craftsmanship and efficiency of their wood burning kitchen ranges. At the center of every home, they were used for cooking, heating, bathing and hot water.

From the Quaker Company, the Quaker Prize range hosts elaborate castings and shiny nickel trim. The large oven door is decorated with a nickel name plate and is embossed with the smiling face of a Quaker man. Scrollwork throughout the body and base has a matching base piece with two nickel trivets. A water reservoir to the right is only one of the many great features of the Quaker Prize.

This Union Crawford is cast in a fresh, light blue enamel. No blemished interrupt its clean lines and smooth detail. Nickel trim wraps around the six burner surface and back shelf. Nickel handles open a large oven and firebox to the left. A convenient lip extends beneath the oven and firebox to catch any mess and escape ash. Manufactured by the Crawford Company, this Union Range is beautiful.