Wood and Coal Stoves. Turn-of-the-century Stoves. Electric or gas conversion available.

Wood and coal cooking stoves were used as early as the 1840s and the now classic Full-sized range was developed by the 1880s. Most of these Classic ranges share a basic and efficient design including an easily adjustable burn time, simple clean out and clean up and an even baking oven. At the turn of the century these stoves were being produced by the thousands in hundreds of foundries across the country.  The American stove industry gained worldwide recognition and respect for the beauty, craftsmanship and efficiency of their Wood burning kitchen ranges. At the center of every home, they were used for cooking, heating, bathing and hot water.

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Victorian Stoves. Country Cook Stoves.

Antique Wood Stoves

Vintage Coal Stoves

Antique Wood Stoves

Dual Fuel Stoves. Gas Stoves. Retro Stoves. Vintage Stoves. Electric conversion available.

The Gas and wood combination range was first introduced as a wood range with a side car, a separate gas unit that attached to the stove. Combination stoves eliminated the need for a summer kitchen and gave the cook a choice of fuels. The Combination range represents the best of both worlds allowing the user to cook on a diversity of fuel sources. Gas stoves enjoy tremendous popularity. Cooking and baking is easy with Gas oven, gas burners, ample cooking space and built-in storage space. Homeowners choose from colors like gray, white, beige, green and blue. Built to last and beautifully crafted, these Retro cook stoves are highly prized as truly functional works of art.

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Black cast iron with nickel trim. Colored enamels and porcelains. Retro Gas Stoves

Dual Fuel Stoves

Converted Stoves

Custom conversions to modern gas, propane and electric will satisfy your unique needs.

If you like to cook then you will love cooking on one of our antique cooking ranges converted to gas, electric, or any combination of both. Every individual stove we produce is a custom conversion, offering any feature you could ask for from a premium modern cook stove while maintaining the astounding and unique beauty of a historic American icon. Our converted ranges will satisfy the demands of the most discriminating cook while giving enduring expression to the traditions of hearth and home. Converting an antique cooking range to gas, electric, or a combination of both offers an easy and efficient source for cooking while maintaining the charm of an American icon and the enchantment of a historic treasure.

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