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The Pot belly stove is an American classic heating railroad depots and cabooses. The pot belly stove accompanied many American pioneers as they traversed this country for the first time by locomotive. These portly heaters found a second home in public buildings ad gathering places establishing these barrel stoves as the center piece of social activity in schools, in churches, town halls and meeting houses. And of course, the local general store. Named for its bulging center, the potbelly burns wood or coal. Coming in a variety of sizes, they can heat from 2-5 rooms when fully loaded. The pot belly stove is among the sturdiest ever constructed and will forever hold a unique place in America's past.

annoyingguy7largeThe orange glow of the Base burner is beauty unmatched. A warm aura illuminates the room as a fire can be seen dancing through the mica windows and doors on three sides of the stove. An enchanting view of the fire is available at all angles. The ornate nickel shroud and wings serve to reflect the radiant fire giving the room an orange glow in addition to giving the stoves an unequaled elegance whether burning wood, coal, at rest or converted. The classic design of its rounded body makes the cylinder stove one of America's most beloved stoves. Its cylindrical shape offers the ultimate in heat distribution while using a minimum amount of floor space. These wood burning beauties are characterized with nickel trim, mica windows and detailed castings.

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