Antique Stoves for Heating: Base Burner Stoves

Fuel: Wood/Coal, Conversions to Gas and Electric Available on All Models

Price Range: $6850 - $10,500.00

Manufactured Circa: 1880 - 1920:



Stewart Oak #20 Wood or Coal Cylinder Antique Stove - CYL1682

Overall Dimensions: 25"W x 28"D
Footprint: 23"W x 23"D
Height to cook top: 48"H
Height to top of finial: 60"H
Stick of wood: 16"


The Stewart Oak cylinder stove, manufactured by the Fuller and Warren Stove Company in Troy New York, is an absolutely magnificent stove. Every inch of this stunner features gorgeous decorative touches from the ornate relief work to the sparkling nickeling. An amber glow warms the room from the mica windows on the front loading door. There is a large ash clean out on the base of the stove, and a six inch cooklid on the top, hidden beneath the dome. The Stewart Oak is a brilliant work of art as well as a reliable, dependable heater.

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